Ruta de la Natura XXXIV Arrossada de Castelladral 2017

Diumenge 12 de març a les 8 del matí

Oportunitat única de veure en funcionament el bògit de Taurons amb un cavall.

Circuit curt 7Km (esmorzar al final del recorregut)

Descarrega Track Circuit Curt GPX

Circuit mitja 12Km (esmorzar al mig recorregut)

Circuit BTT 22Km totalment guiat per GPS (no estarà senyalitzat)

Descarrega Track Circuit BTT  GPX

Inscripció + esmorzar: Adults: 5€ Nenes/es: 4€
(Socis AVV Castelladral 1€ de descompte)

Religions: their similarities and differences

There are dozens of religions in the modern world. Most of them came from the ancient times. However, there is no one who can say that this or that religion is the true one, the same as no one can state that some religion is wrong. People have been arguing about these questions over centuries. Some individuals are confident that God doesn’t exist, and all the religions just desire to explain this world. However, a great number of people prefer to believe that God exists, otherwise it is hard to find a good reason for the existence of human beings. The most popular religions are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. They are very different, but they have something in common, which is love. Every religion states that love to people, God or nature is the most important thing. Every religion teaches people how to live in this world and to be happy. Therefore, the question of one true religion isn’t important until people get to know for sure the truth about the origin of our world.

Found my love after long searches

Hi everyone. I thank this site for having found my spiritual twin here. I was so busy looking for someone that loves me and I love on the internet, it’s crazy. But the truth is different here when I found my lover. After much effort and research, many deceptive women and money seekers, I found honesty and love on . My message to everyone is not despairing; perhaps your destiny will be here. Mine was waiting for me on this site. I realized very soon that we were meant to be together. Thank you very much to all the women who are here are still searching for a partner, I understand you so much! I wish all the new luck and success in the search.